The DrumBox

There are two models of DrumBox: model I and model III. Model II is no longer available.

The difference between them is in the bass response. DrumBox I has a bass like that of a cajon and DrumBox III has a bass like that of a bass drum. DrumBox I is the simple version while DrumBox III is more advanced. To hear the difference check the videos below. DrumBox III has a passive tone control that lets you reduce high frequencies and as such also acts as a mixer for the two sounds, as the high frequencies are present only in the beer caps pickup.

The amplification of the DrumBox works like that of an electric guitar. The signal coming out needs a preamp to be able to be heard. Plug the DrumBox into a mixer or a guitar amplifier or other powered amplifier to hear how it sounds through the pickups. You can also use an audio interface for this. The amplification is completely passive, no batteries are needed.



Materials:           recycled hardwood, beer caps

Electronics:        passive, 6,3mm jack output, tone control (model III)

Dimensions:      140x80x44mm

Weight:               180g (model I), 320g (model III)


You can also use www.haffnerperander.com for ordering.